5 Nashville Restaurants You Have to Try

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5 Nashville Restaurants You Have to Try Chubby Diaries

Nashville is known for its music scene, whiskey, and the Parthenon, amongst an incredibly long list of other fun, yummy, and exciting things. While many people travel to Nashville to catch country music in bars and auditoriums, the food here is genuinely a scene-stealer. This city offers not only southern-style food but any kind that you can imagine. Every corner that you peek at offers at least a handful of restaurants. Nashville is truly a foodie paradise. Here are the five Nashville restaurants you have to try!

5 Nashville Restaurants You Have to Try

When you head to Nashville, all of the locals will advise you to try Nashville Hot Chicken. If you were to eat only one meal during your entire stay, this is the one. 400 Degrees is famous for its hot chicken. It devises from the typical recipe by deep frying the chicken instead of pan-frying it. 400 Degrees offers the ultimate comfort meal. Grab it to go while exploring downtown.

While you may not think pizza is the most notable food because many restaurants around the US offer pizza, it still is a delicious meal that different regions and restaurants can put their very own spin on. Plus, sometimes you just have a craving for pizza that you can’t quite shake and nothing else will do.

Head to City House for excellent Italian food, including pizza, pasta, meatball sandwiches, and pastries. The best part is there’s a modern twist on most dishes. Try the belly ham pizza and see how City House made it on our list of 5 Nashville restaurants you have to try.

Butcher & Bee is a fantastic spot for us plus-size travelers. If you decide to dine in, there is ample space both around the bar seats and at each table. You won’t feel like you’re squished in a corner. 

The menu here is consistently changing, so if you like trying new menu items – this is the perfect spot. Grab a friend and try a few of the shared plates. This will allow you to try multiple dishes from the menu at the same time. Trust me; everything is delicious here.

This spot was one of my favorites during my trip to Nashville. It might seem like a regular mom-and-pop joint; however, it’s anything but. Voodoo Gumbo serves New Orlean’s-style food with flavors that are intense and packed with heat. The gumbo and po boys here are amazing and highly recommended.

Don’t forget to finish the meal off with beignets – they’re an absolute delight from this restaurant. Eat them as soon as you get them as they are served hot, even for to-go orders.

Ramen is a personal weakness of mine, and this place serves some of the best ramen I’ve ever had. The entrance to Black Dynasty Secret Ramen House is fairly hidden and inconspicuous, so you’ll need to know where you are going. Once you find it, you’ll want to eat here every day. The rich broths and delicious toppings (i.e., different cuts of pork and chicken) are what set this restaurant apart. 

If you’re vegetarian or vegan, have no fear – there is a ramen dish for you. Try the vegan mushroom tonkatsu; you’ll still get the rich broth flavor without the meat.

Nashville easily became one of my favorite vacation spots after my first visit there. The people are friendly and happy to provide recommendations for activities and restaurants. Not only that, the food is superb! Every restaurant I tried left me satisfied and wanting to visit again, so don’t forget to add each of the 5 Nashville restaurants you have to try to your itinerary. You won’t regret it!

Need a little help creating a plan for your next trip to Nashville?  Check out our 6 Things to Know Before Visiting Nashville article for our favorite tips for exploring the city!

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