Advice from Top Travel Bloggers: Best Travel Destinations

Genaveve Davis
Genaveve Davis
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Are you having trouble deciding where to take your next trip? Maybe you’re looking for ideas for new places to add to your travel bucket list. Either way, this is the article for you. We interviewed 7 of the world’s top travel bloggers and uncovered their top travel destinations.  

Let’s get to it!

Best Travel Destinations

Jamaica – I know I know, I may be a little biased because I’m Jamaican. However, Jamaica is great for plus-size travelers in my opinion. Jamaicans appreciate the beauty of all body types and I can’t remember ever feeling excluded from activities because of my size. There’s always someone willing to offer support and respectful encouragement. Never mind that Jamaica is a beautiful gem of an island too.”

-Diedre McLeod (@diedreinwanderland)

If you’re into history and archeology, there’s no better place on earth than Egypt. I’ve been twice and each time I’ve experienced things far better than any museum’s collection.”

-Samantha O’Brochta (@callmeadventurous)

Ireland is stunning and the people are incredibly friendly.”

-Kristina Carrodeguas (@livingwonderfilled)


“My favorite trips so far have been to Morocco and Jamaica. I got to explore the countries through the eyes of the locals and it was absolutely magical.”

-Sondra Holtz (@curvesandacarryon)

“[One of] my two top travel destinations is Iceland, in general. Because it’s just awesome – please visit if you haven’t yet.”

-Tabitha Bear (@tabithabearprints)

I could spend the entire day beach hopping on the back of my wife’s moped and Thailand is the perfect country to do so. Aside from the heat that never stops, the beaches offer picturesque relief and having unforgettable experiences come with an inexpensive price tag. Whether it’s cheap street food that will leave you drooling, dancing the night away or immersing yourself in the country’s colorful culture, the reasons for visiting can go on and on. I recommend you see it for yourself!”

-Chantel Loura (@voyaging_vagabond)

“Of the places I’ve been to, [one of] my favorites has been Colombia…I have family in Colombia so I get a very local experience when I go.”

-Kristina Carrodeguas (@livingwonderfilled)

“Croatia is always a fan favorite for me! The bluest water I’ve ever seen, gorgeous seaside small cities and above all, affordable. Their national parks are also a must see. They offer an array of hiking trails that can meet accessibility needs for all kinds of travelers. Plitvice Lakes National Park will really make you feel like you landed into a fairy tale with all of their dreamy, turquoise waterfalls. PLUS, I once ended up at an island beach nightclub that had a pizza bar and if that’s not a dream come true I don’t know what is.”

-Chantel Loura (@voyaging_vagabond)

“For a mixture of beautiful architecture, peaceful nature, and eclectic city spaces, Japan is a treat for the senses in every way. You’ll also never be able to eat sushi the same way after visiting.

-Samantha O’Brochta (@callmeadventurous)

“[One of] my two top travel destinations is Barcelona, Spain.”

-John “BJ” Griffin (@bjgriffinmusic)

Have you visited any of the Top Travel Bloggers’ Best Travel Destinations? Comment below!

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