Does Pappy’s Smokehouse have the best ribs in the nation?

Jeff Jenkins
Jeff Jenkins

Y’all I’m a southern boy through and through, born and raised in Florida.  That means I’ve been in the presence of the Orlando Famous BBQ Boyz – well known for their catchy slogan “We got those booya ribs, meat falling off the bone.” 

I’ve also enjoyed the famous Jenkins BBQ in Jacksonville, Florida – and if you didn’t know, their mustard barbeque sauce is out of this world!  Then I moved to Texas, a state known for the best steaks and barbeque.  Due to my love for travel, I can confidently say that I have tasted barbeque from all over the nation and even the world.  So I know a thing or two about good ole BBQ.

Thus, when I found out a place in St. Louis, Missouri was ranked number 1 Ribs in the Nation by Food Network I had to go pay them a visit!

When we arrived, we were greeted with a smile. You could sense (and smell) the confidence – everyone knew they had cooked some darn good meat.   And yes THE MEAT WAS AMAZING!! We started with the Burnt Ends sandwich and then moved over to the Ribs.  Listen friends, when I tell you that those ribs were pretty amazing, trust me! I was impressed because I always come in as a skeptic until something or someone proves me otherwise.  Thankfully Pappy’s did just that. With that being said, Pappy’s Smokehouse’s ribs are Chubby Diaries approved.  Make sure you have yourself a taste! Visit Pappy’s Smokehouse


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