How To Survive A Long Haul Flight For A Plus Size Person!

Jeff Jenkins
Jeff Jenkins

We have seen and heard stories of larger passengers being humiliated at the airport or being forced to purchase an additional seat. Those stories have made a lot of big people feel that flying will be a hellish experience. I too, have felt that way, but thankfully I’ve found ways to travel with dignity and comfort. As a 300+ lbs guy, there are definitely things I worry about, but I can confidently say that flying doesn’t have to be terror. Being overweight doesn’t disqualify or limit the adventures a person can enjoy. We are human beings that come in various sizes – and our diversity is an awesome thing. All of us should enjoy every good thing life has to offer, and I don’t want any of you to miss out. Here are some tips that a plus size traveler could use to guarantee a great flying experience.

1. Always wear the right socks!

What?…. What do socks have to do with this? Well, I am glad you asked! Having the right clothes is one thing, but the most important article of clothing in my opinion is socks. Not all socks are created equal. There are cotton socks and then are are compression socks! Compression socks can significantly impact the affects of flying on the body. They improve your blood flow, lessen pain and swelling in your legs. Thank me later!

2. We want to be comfortable, so it is important that you book months before the flight, and make the booking online.

Premium or exit row baby!!! Trust me this is where all the comfort is at! To get these perfect seats, you should book months in advance. This will allow you to decide on the seat you want, and can bring you you a lot of comfort. Also, booking early can greatly reduce your fare #winning. If you occupy the aisle seat instead of the middle seat or window seat, you can easily make use of restroom whenever you want without disturbing anyone.

3. If possible, opt for a seat with a two-seat configuration, and not one with three.

Delta and some other airlines offer this option of two seats close to the windows. This would give you room to relax. You can use SeatGuru to view seat layouts, details like width, and book your ideal spot. As a backup, I also like to wait until everyone boards the flight and then find a empty room row. To ensure an enjoyable flight, attendants are often willing to let you switch when there are available seats.

4. Try negotiating to get a comfortable seat.

Though you may feel a bit embarrassed, you have the right to negotiate. You can discreetly talk to the flight crew about moving you to sit near a slim person or a child. If you are assigned to the middle seat, you can explain why it would benefit all of you, if someone exchanges the seat with you. Also in most cases people usually give me the window or aisle seat #fatguyproblems

5. Get your personal seatbelt extender.

It doesn’t cost a lot and can be purchased online for few bucks. This would prevent you from requesting one, and in some cases, some airlines do not offer seatbelt extenders. Get a seatbelt extender that works with the airline you intend to fly with. When purchasing it online, read through the product description; you will usually see the airline the product is compatible with. If you don’t have one, you can ask for one from the attendant, and they may have one onboard.

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