New Rules for New Year’s Eve Bookings on Airbnb

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New Rules for New Year's Even Bookings on Airbnb Chubby Diaries

In 2020, Airbnb introduced a party ban to prevent guests from being a nuisance to nearby guests and neighboring communities. On Tuesday, November 2nd, Airbnb announced that they will be extending the party ban, as well as adding a few new features.

Let’s break down the new rules for New Year’s Eve bookings on Airbnb. 

New Rules for New Year's Eve
Bookings on Airbnb

The party ban provides Airbnb guests with an outline of what behavior is expected of them. The initial launch of the ban included a few rules as well as resources to turn to in case of disruptions. 

New Rules for New Year's Even Bookings on Airbnb Chubby Diaries

No Large Gatherings, Parties, or Events

Gatherings with more than 16 guests, including both visitors and overnight guests, are not prohibited. The same goes for disruptive guests, no matter the size of the party. If more than 16 guests are at an Airbnb stay or guests are being disruptive, they may be suspended or removed from the platform. 

New Rules for New Year's Even Bookings on Airbnb Chubby Diaries

Reporting, Interventions, and Listing Guidelines

To help keep the peace in communities, Airbnb has developed a support system for neighbors of Airbnb stays. If a listed Airbnb property is causing a disturbance, community members are able to contact Neighborhood Support and report the disruption.

In addition, Airbnb also has preventative measures in place. The platform looks for indicators of parties in reservations and may choose to block a reservation if they deem it as high risk. Airbnb also advises hosts not to attract or advertise their spaces as fit for gatherings of greater than 16. 

New Rules for New Year's Even Bookings on Airbnb Chubby Diaries

New Rules

As of yesterday, those booking stays during New Year’s Eve in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States must meet specific requirements. The first requirement being guests must have a history of positive reviews in order to reserve an entire home for only one night. Those looking to book a stay for only a couple of nights are subject to Airbnb’s strict restrictions for two-night stays. 

Have a history of good reviews? It’s finally your time to be rewarded! The new rules for New Year’s Eve bookings on Airbnb don’t apply to you. Go ahead and book whatever stay fits your 2022 fantasy!

Airbnb shows no sign of stopping the development of its party banning system. They are exploring new strategies and programs as we speak, so you better start working on getting those good reviews!

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