Say Hello to Leila Farquharson: Plus Size Travel’s New Star Creator

Genaveve Davis
Genaveve Davis
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Say Hello to Leila Farquharson Plus Size Travels New Star Creator Chubby Diaries

A couple of months ago, I discovered Leila Farquharson as @darkbeautyl on Instagram. As soon as I saw her content, I became a huge fan. Her self care reminders, curvy friendly content, and choice to use her painful past to successfully propel her forward will make her plus size travel’s new star creator. You will not want to miss out on her content any more than you already have! 

Let’s get to know Leila Farquharson

Say Hello to Leila Farquharson: Plus Size Travel's New Star Creator

Say Hello to Leila Farquharson Plus Size Travels New Star Creator Chubby Diaries

Chubby Diaries: Where are you based?

Leila: I am from the beautiful island of Nassau, Bahamas (born and raised) but I am based in Miami, Florida.

Chubby Diaries: Describe the moment you caught the travel bug.

Leila: The moment I caught the travel bug was when I went to Europe, Nice, France, for the very first time. I went on a business trip for 2.5 months, but I took a huge advantage to explore different cities and countries while I was there. I was so amazed by the culture, the food, the beautiful buildings, and more.

Chubby Diaries: What do you hope your audience will get from your content?

Leila: I want my audience to feel and see the exact things I feel and see when I travel. I want my content to be personable and engaging. Whenever I travel, I want people to feel like they are there with me and encourage them to see these places one day.

Chubby Diaries: What was your motivation for starting your travel blog?

Leila: My motivation for starting a travel blog was when traveling became very frequent and people started to like my journey. I kept being asked, when are you going to start a blog?

So, one day I did it and called it Live Like Leila.

Chubby Diaries: Where do you find inspiration?

Leila: I find inspiration in myself, to be honest! I inspire myself first before I inspire others. I challenge and push myself to do a lot of things, like travel to many countries on my own, cooking a delicious dish, wearing that outfit that shows off my curves in a good way.

Chubby Diaries: How often do you get to travel outside of work?

Leila: I travel at least 5 times a year outside of work whether it’s domestic or international.

Say Hello to Leila Farquharson Plus Size Travels New Star Creator Chubby Diaries

Chubby Diaries: Top 3 must-pack items?

Leila: 2 iPhones (X & 13Pro Max), drone (DJI Mavic Mini), and my tripod.

Chubby Diaries: Do you prefer to travel solo, with a partner, friends, or in a group?

Leila: I typically prefer traveling solo because I get to do what I want, wake up on my own time (I don’t have to rush), and just do me! Don’t get me wrong, I love a girls’ trip, but prefer traveling solo most of the time.

Say Hello to Leila Farquharson Plus Size Travels New Star Creator Chubby Diaries

Chubby Diaries: What is your proudest moment of this year?

Leila: My proudest moment of this year is traveling to Europe solo (again) and checking off 3 places that were on my bucket list: Marseille, France, Amalfi Coast, Italy, Athens & Santorini, Greece.

Chubby Diaries: What will travel look like for you in 2022? 

Leila: I plan to tackle some of the Central American countries as I have never been like Guatemala, Panama and Costa Rica.

What did you enjoy most about getting to know Leila Farquharson? Let us know in the comments. 

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