Shein’s Best Plus Size Swim Wear

Alexis Dean Shubin
Alexis Dean Shubin
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Hot Girl Summer and Shein's Best Plus Size Swim Wear Are Here!

Hiding our bodies at the beach in 2021? No thank you! Let’s try on some of the best plus size swim wear and bikinis!

Simple shapes, solid colored one piece swimsuits. Swim dresses that fit like potato sacks, no bright colors, no patterns, and absolutely no cutouts or two pieces. Maybe wear a tankini if you’re feeling “brave.” This is the rhetoric I have been told about what “flatters” my large body the best. In the summer, I’m supposed to hide my rolls and tummy. Can I let my back fat feel the salty ocean breeze on it? No way! 

Do you know what I say now, to people that critique what kind of swimsuit I can wear in the summer? “Nobody asked you.” Say it with me…I am not putting anyone else’s “comfort” above mine any longer. If someone’s day is ruined by what outfit I chose to put on my body, that sounds like their personal problem. Not mine, and not yours! I would rather rock a vibrant swimsuit that made me feel like I was on Baywatch than hide under a giant piece of fabric that takes 2x as long to dry as my straight-size friend’s swimwear. 

To kick off the 2021 summer season, I decided to take a leap and order 6 bikinis from SheIn Curve that I got on a killer deal. Usually, for plus-size swimwear, I find myself spending $30-40 per item! A one-piece can easily be $80-100, and a two-piece $60-80. I wanted some options this year and decided to give SheIn Curve a chance. Here are 6 pieces of Shein’s Best Plus Size Swim Wear!

Tropical-style graphic with text that reads "It's Bikini Time!"

What to Look For in the Best Plus Size Swimwear

When ordering anything online, I always look at their size chart first! For Shein Curve, I ended up buying everything in 4X. Right now in clothes, I am between 22-24, carry extra fluff in my tummy, and am relatively proportionate elsewhere. When shopping for swimwear, I look for a few different things. 

  1. Chest support. What kind of situation do we have when it comes to supporting the melons? There are for sure two types of swimsuits I own. One is the kind that I casually swim in, and will sport when I’m hanging out with friends at a pool party. I want the twins to look fly! The other kind of swimsuit I own is the “fun-yet let’s get down to business with 0 chance of nip slips” that I like to wear when doing more adventurous water activities such as snorkeling and boogie boarding! Take all of that into consideration when choosing a swimsuit.
  2. Colors & Patterns. For most of my life, I only wore boring one-pieces. Yes, there are a ton of cute one-pieces, I enjoy them! I’m not bashing on them. What I am bashing on, is the fact I wore them because I felt like It was my only option. That I needed to hide my body. Since I stopped doing that, I like to keep myself in check by actively seeking out fun, bright colors! I want to wear things that reflect my personality, and it’s hard to be in a bad mood when you’re in bright colors. Figure out what kind of colors and patterns you like! 
  3. Style & Cut. We all have different tastes when It comes to how our swimwear is cut. Some of us like high hip cut swimsuits or super low cut bikini bottoms. I personally enjoy something medium-high waisted, and a little cheeky in the back! It’s easier to narrow down your selections when you have a specific cut in mind. 

Now that we have a better idea of what we’re looking for when shopping for these swimsuits, let’s try some of the best plus size swim wear!

If you’re interested in seeing what these bikinis look like on, check out my TikTok review!

Review time...

Size: 4 XL

SKU: swswim23201027885 

This one makes me feel like I’m channeling my inner 1950s queen. Lana Del Rey eat your heart out realness- and did you see those melons!? Although the thin straps mean I should walk and not run, they did not dig into my shoulders and were actually quite comfortable. I ended up pairing this bikini top with a flowy skirt and wore it out on a nice day recently. I love a multi-use item! The swim skirt was cute and did its job. I enjoy that it’s long enough to cover my thighs a little but short enough that it stays flirty. This I’m giving a 10/10!

Size: 4 XL

SKU: swswim03210108556 

Now with this one, I was going out of my comfort zone. One shoulder? Never have done it! But damn, It looks cute on the model. So I figured I should give it a try. Putting it on was a little weird. If you have ever put a one-shoulder top on, you know what I mean. It was nice that the little wooden circle is adjustable because everyone’s bust and shoulder size are different. I did not like that the wooden piece on the bottoms was attached to this weird extra piece of fabric. I feel like maybe it’s there to provide some extra “support” for the tummy fluff? I’m not sure. But it was a little awkward. If I had a flat stomach, I honestly probably would not have noticed. Overall, it’s a cute suit and I felt comfortable and secure in it. I give it a 6/10.

Size: 4 XL

SKU: swswim03201127095 

Does this model look like an absolute queen or what?! How could I say “no” to a metallic bronze bikini when she makes it look so good. I knew I was for sure taking a gamble with this one since It has one of my personal frenemies- a string bikini top. I am a member of the under-boob fat roll club. This means tops that are not longline end up emphasizing my rolls that are situated on the top of my ribs. But screw it! I needed to try on this suit. When I put it on, I immediately felt like I should burst out into a song from a certain cult classic musical. I was pleasantly surprised by the thickness of the straps, which made it quite supportive of “the girls.” The bottoms were comfortable, and not too tight. I also liked the cut of the bottoms, slightly cheeky! Overall, I give these a 7/10.

Size: 4 XL

SKU: swswim03201204481 

I’m not going to lie, the tye-dye, dangly bits, and cute ribbed t-shirt like material drew me in with this one. It’s just so different than anything I have ever tried before, so I decided to dive into something totally new to me. I was stoked by how soft the fabric was, and really enjoyed what I would call a “tank top” style back to the bikini top. This gave my girls some good support! The strings weren’t tricky to tie at all, and you can adjust the ruching to make a higher or lower hip cut. I give this an 8/10.

Size: 4 XL

SKU: swswim03210104776 

Billie Eilish meets the 90s meets hot wheels is the vibe I was inspired with this bikini. When will I ever wear something with flames on it, if not poolside? This suit was very comfortable, and I knew that I could rely on this to keep all of my bits in check while having fun! The metal clasp in the front is a little random and probably has the opportunity to pinch a little while sitting down. Other than that, I was surprised by how much I like this one! I give this bikini a 7/10.

Size: 4 XL

SKU: swswim03201221357 

I saved the best for last. I saw this online, and it just hit me with all of the summer feels right away! Stripes have always been scary to me, and these were colorful stripes…So, I had to buy it. When I put this on, I just felt like dancing around. I blasted some Lizzo and channeled my inner beach ball, just bouncing around my friend’s living room with joy! The material was comfortable, and I really love the peek-a-boo cutout on the chest. It feels very whimsy with a hint of vintage allure to me. My “twins” felt very secure, meaning I felt comfortable knowing I could frolic at the pool in this all day with no worries. This got a 10/10!

At the end of trying on all these bikinis, I looked at my dear friend with shock. I had just tried on 6 things that I ordered online… And they all fit! Not only that, but they all actually looked and felt cute. For my straight-size girls, even that is rare. I am happy I gave SheIn Curve a chance, and am very excited to rock these bikinis all summer long! Remember to always check the size chart online before you order, and don’t be afraid of trying something new. Now pick out your favorite best plus size swimwear pieces and let’s take over #HotGirlSummer this year because ALL bodies are bikini bodies.

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