The 5 Best Restaurants in Tulum

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Tulum is hailed as one of the most beautiful, and currently, one of the most popular travel destinations. The area offers natural beauty, ancient ruins, and plenty of places to explore. Of course, the food in this town is also exquisite and begs to be tried. After visiting, I discovered the 5 best restaurants in Tulum.

Cetli is an excellent way to try traditional Mexican food like mole with different proteins. Each mole is made to complement the included meat carefully. For example, locally sourced fish is covered in a white mole sauce before being served. Other dishes on the menu include sopas topil, a fried tortilla dish, and nahualitzli, a seasonal lobster menu item. 

Enjoy these food goodies in an adorable outdoor seating area. If you decide to dine inside, you’ll be able to check out the art-covered walls. 

Verdant is one of the most talked-about restaurants in the area and there’s no question about why it has made it on my best restaurants in Tulum list. Walking into the restaurant, you’ll be in awe of the simple island vibes you get. Expect smaller portions at Verdant – this is more of a tasting experience than one where you’ll be stuffed to the brim. 

This restaurant has sustainability and eco-friendliness in mind; each produce item is grown from organic seeds or purchased from sustainable vendors. The prices are also higher here. This is a great spot for a special occasion or any foodie who loves presentation.

If you’ve visited Mexico before, you’ve probably seen food stalls serving fresh juices and a specific menu item. Aca Tacos de Canasta is a Tulum restaurant that can be found by the bright yellow colors of the signs and stalls advertising their food items. 

Tacos de canasta are steamed tacos filled with scrambled eggs, mole, and sometimes meat. This is a very casual spot to eat. There are a few sets of plastic tables and chairs to dine in. This spot is ideal for grabbing a quick bite to eat.

Any spot that provides good quality tacos al pastor, is an automatic yes from me. These al pastor tacos have a Yucatán-style twist to them. It’s a great spot for excellent tacos. Antojitos are tortillas full of beans and different meats.

This is a smaller restaurant with simple designs on the inside. The focus is the quality of the tacos in Tulum, and they arrive at a low price point.

Seafood in Mexico is a must-try. Head here for the famous tower of seafood. You’ll receive a plate layered to the max with different types of fish, avocados, and shrimp. All drizzled with delectable sauces. 

Aguachile is another excellent dish here. This food item is similar to a shrimp cocktail with a spicy sauce. Sabor de Mar is the ideal spot for seafood lovers. Fish is prepared differently in Mexico than in the US, which makes it worth a try – at least once.

The best part about all of these restaurants is that they are all within two miles of each other. If you’d like to visit each restaurant, you could easily and quickly make it to each one over a weekend. Taxis are widely available and the most recommended method of transportation in this area. Plus, the cost is low compared to US taxi cost standards.

Turn your trip into a food adventure and wow your tastebuds with the 5 best restaurants in Tulum!

The 5 Best Restaurants in Tulum Jeff Jenkins Chubby Diaries

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