Too Hot Or Too Cold? Here’s How You Can Keep Your Temperature In Check As A Chubby Traveler!

Jeff Jenkins
Jeff Jenkins

Y’all I’m in NYC right now and depending on your travel destination, weather can be rather… Extreme, at least when compared to your usual. Too hot or too cold, temperature changes can affect you and your enjoyment.

This NYC trip has been really cray cray, because I didn’t freaking know that I should have had a totally different outfit for outside and then another for inside during the winter here. Not the same when it is hot as HELLO.

And as a chubby person, you are particularly sensitive to these vicissitudes, making the weather both your ally and enemy during vacation time. And while picking the right clothes is key in protecting yourself from the weather, there are many more tips to consider.

How many? Well, keep reading to see our advice on how to handle weather when, like Katy Perry says, it likes to play hot and cold.


Ah, winter vacations—less popular on Instagram, but my favorite ones. While plenty chubby folks may say they handle cold weather much better, the truth is – it’s not as easy as it seems, at least for those unused to it.

The first tip seems like an excuse, but it has a certified scientific backing—eat. Eat a lot. Leave aside self-consciousness about being judged for your size and eating habits and get those calories; they get turned into energy, and energy into warmth. Long story short, you’ll need them.

Another, less talked about piece of advice, is far less fun than the previous one – experts agree that alcohol is the worst enemy of cold weather, as it drops your core temperature, thus making you colder. Solution? Change that beer for hot chocolate, it’ll work much better.

Above all else, drink water. This is not a déjà vu, it turns out water is also essential in cold weather—people don’t get as thirsty, so they drink less despite the risk of dehydration being the same.

Finally, as mentioned before, it is essential to pick the proper clothing for your traveling adventures—keeping warmth in, or at bay, is frankly much easier if your outfits match the weather needs.


Hot weather, as you may know by now, is a beast to fight. Sweat, in particular, is the number one enemy during summer season, so I suggest you prepare for the battle by reading our tips on how to handle sweat.

But how can we prevent or reduce sweating in the first place? That’s when things get trickier.

My first and foremost trick is a quintessential traveling item—portable fans. Seriously, technology has advanced enough, to the point where we can carry tiny-yet-powerful fans with USB ports, why not take advantage of them?

And if things are getting super-hot—in the decidedly not fun way—then it’s time to bring out the heavy guns: cooling towels. They are a godsend; you wet them and in an instant you get that chilleriffic effect, lasting anything from a few minutes to a couple hours.

And don’t forget—water is your friend. Sweating causes dehydration, so it’s of uttermost importance that you replenish the lost water within your body to avoid heatstroke. Likewise, don’t be afraid to soak in the pool, beach, or waterpark.

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