Top 3 things that keep Chubby people from traveling!

Jeff Jenkins
Jeff Jenkins

“Traveling should be fun! Whether you are small or plus size. If you have breath, and your location, then let’s make it happen baby! As a chubby person who has traveled to over 28 countries, I realize that there are many things can keep us from such pleasures; and that saddens me. That is why I started I have intentionally created a niche for people like us, your friends, and family! There is nothing wrong with traveling while fat or having extra weight. You don’t need to wait until 2020, because you’re trying to be a certain weight, or need to do some extreme workout to embark on this journey! I believe that, what is good for (the skinny lol) one is good for the other (chubby) one. So here we go! Let’s explore the Top 3 things that keep us, as chubby people, from traveling!


Mannnnnnn, have you ever packed your bags, felt ready to go and then (BAM!) you get hit with anxiety thinking about the airplane ride? You ever worried that people were thinking evil thoughts as they came down the aisle and realized they were sitting next to you? Have you ever gone through the embarrassment of waiting in line for over an hour, and finally making it up to the ride just to be turned around in front everybody, because the pull bar wouldn’t come down? Have you ever felt some kind of way, because you quietly made a request, but the flight attendant yells out, “You need a what? A seatbelt extension?” All of these moments of isolation can be embarrassing and can definitely steal your ambitions to want to travel.

CD Travel Tips:

I plan ahead. I like to do my research before I travel anywhere. I check the seat dimensions of a plane seat and leg space before I book or even after so that I can be prepared. Also, I definitely ask for that bad boy (seatbelt extension) right when I get on the plane lol. A lot of amusements parks have ‘tester seats’ off to the side of the ride. This gives people the chance to check and see if they ride. Some amusement parks have also tried to accommodate (some) chubby folks by designing and adding larger seats to some of their rides. These seats often look the same, so just as the ride attendant to help you identify them.

Side note: There are always buttholes out there, but we have the right to feel comfortable too. So don’t feel like you have to put up with their crap!


“You have to have a lot of money to travel, right Jeff?” “You must be rich Jeff?” “How do you and Neena (my wife) afford all these trips?” These have been the questions people ask me time and time again. My answer is always, “we ain’t rich (yet) and it doesn’t cost as much as you think.” Thinking you have to have a lot of money to travel will hold anybody back, not just chubby folks. I’m including this one, because I don’t want you or your loved ones to miss out on amazing adventures.

CD Travel Tips:

Don’t let dates dictate when you travel. I’m headed to China in 6 months for a 10 day trip during Chinese New Year (flights and hotel included) all for $623! #winning We found that deal and let it decide when we would go!

Next, it is wise to plan a trip at least 4 to 5 months in advance. Why? Because you are able to get cheaper flights, car rentals, and you’re able to save a little money from each check to go towards your trip. Just think, if you save $100 from each check for 4 to 6 months that’s $800 to $1200! Don’t know where you want to go yet? No worries, just go ahead and start preparing by saving any amount now!

Side note: There will always be free things to do in every city! The goal is to make it to the destination! You can find a ton of things to do that are free or only cost a few bucks!


I can admit, I was scared as HELL”O” when I decided to jump on a plane to spend a summer in Japan. What would they think of me? Would I get mistaken for a sumo wrestler? Will I be accepted? Will I be comfortable in that foreign city? And all of those are tough questions.

CD Travel Tips:

First off, I’ve got Rick Steves!!! My brother from another mother (I don’t actually know him) has been giving me the low down on countries for years. You can also check YouTube and search social media! This is often my go-to tactic for combating fear, because it usually helps me find someone that has been to the place I want to visit! And lastly, I’ve been able to conquer a lot of my fears by just going! Being bold, getting out my head and just doing it!

SN: Visiting a place for the first time comes with uncertainties, but trust me – you can enjoy it all! You don’t have to be confined to your fears. Your best life is just on the other side of your comfort zone! Why waste it on fear? Be courageous! Discover the wonders, the amazing food, and all the different cultures that come with traveling the world! “I don’t always travel, but when I do I travel chubby!” ( lol lame but hey)

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