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5 Nashville Restaurants You Have to Try Chubby Diaries

5 Nashville Restaurants You Have to Try

Nashville is known for its music scene, whiskey, and the Parthenon, amongst an incredibly long list of other fun, yummy, and exciting things. While many

Beach Tree Sunset Survival Guide to Pandemic Travel Tabitha Bear Chubby Diaries

The Survival Guide to Pandemic Travel

As COVID-related restrictions and mask mandates begin to lift across the US, travel plans are easier to commit to, especially domestic travel. After being on

The 5 Best Restaurants in Tulum Chubby Diaries

The 5 Best Restaurants in Tulum

Tulum is hailed as one of the most beautiful, and currently, one of the most popular travel destinations. The area offers natural beauty, ancient ruins,

Beach near Tulum Archaeological Zone The Ideal Weekend in Tulum Itinerary Chubby Diaries

The Ideal Weekend in Tulum Itinerary

Are you thinking of visiting Tulum? This Mexican town has soared in popularity in recent years, and in this itinerary, we will show you how

Disney Springs now open in Orlando

Eric L. Martin | Chubby Diaries Disney fans will be excited to know that Disney has reopened. While the exciting rides are still closed, Walt

Helicopter Tours While Chubby

Chubby and flying is a hot topic, but Chubby and flying in a helicopter?  That is something I don’t ever see, or hear about. Until

The Point Noir Podcast- Interview

Hey Family! Check out my favorite interview by my friend Jerry from The Point Noir Podcast This was totally a great experience and Jerry got

9 Surprising Facts About Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a meaningful name—rich coast. While it does have paradisiacal beaches all around, this Central American countryis more than that….

20 Interesting Facts About Thailand

The best part about tourism is that there are multiple ways to do it—and knowing about your destination is always the first step. So before you book…

9 Reasons to Visit Texas

If you are from you Texas you realize very quick that it is like no other state. People here love to call it “The Great Nation of Texas” (Eye Roll). I’ve lived in…

The Pie in the Sky

About 25 beautiful hot air balloons will illuminate the sky on Friday and Saturday evenings and will float over the Kyle sky Saturday and Sunday mornings. (All events…

Can Chubby People Ski?

One of the most magical wonders of winter is the preponderance of winter sports. Of those, few are more interesting and flat-out enjoyable as skiing. But the truth…

10 Reasons to Visit Central America!

If we were to have a fairytale with a jungle setting, it would look like Central America. Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa…

10 Surprising Facts About Belize

Belize is an awe-inspiring destination, bound to take the breath away of even the most seasoned traveling blogger. With its stunning combination of ancient history…

6 Things to do in Austin this Winter!

1. ARMADILLO CHRISTMAS BAZAAR Armadillo is an eleven day Christmas festival with Art and Music. You can listen to some great bands and also buy art…

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Chubby Diaries Food Coming Soon!

We will explore some of the best restaurants and food trucks in the world! Stay Tuned! If you haven’t already subscribe to our weekly emails for travel deals and…