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Why should I choose Chubby Diaries Group Tours?

We’re different from all other group tours because we cater to the chubby, plus size, fat, people out there! We believe that we fat people should be able to enjoy group trips as well. You’ll join a fat-friendly epic adventure that focuses on community and self-liberation. You’ll also love that your whole trip is planned!

What's included?

Pretty much everything you need! Simply book your flights and we’ll handle the rest. We provide gorgeous accommodations, vetted fat-friendly activities, mouthwatering meals, and all ground transportation. We also include a professional photographer who will capture you enjoying your travels! Note – The only exception to included ground transportation is if you choose to do any activities during your free time, or arrange to arrive earlier or depart later than the dates of the tour. 


What are the benefits?

The benefits of a trip with us mean you get to LIVE LIFE NOW. No more wondering if I'm going to have as much fun as my skinnier counterparts, will I fit on this ride, or will I be embarrassed because of my size? Together we’ll create amazing moments that lead to a natural transformation. You have to experience it to understand, but we can say you’ll leave feeling happier, reenergized, and ready for whatever comes next. 


What are the travelers like?

Our trips have a way of attracting fun, hip, diverse, and overall amazing people. If you’re 21 or older, respectful, and have an adventurous spirit, this is the trip for you. 


How many people can join a trip?

You can expect 20 travelers or less on our group trips. This intimate size allows us to connect on a deeper level. 


Who is the Trip Host?

Trips are typically hosted by our founder Jeff. If not, your host will be equally as great and hand-selected for their amazingness. All trip hosts are professionally trained and equipped to handle a wide range of situations. 


Is airfare included?

With our travelers coming from all over the world, in addition to the nature of booking air travel, we do not include it in our packages. This allows you to customize on your end when you will be arriving and departing, handle seat and meal requests, speak directly to the airline if anything arises, track the best pricing and routes for you, as well as earn or use miles when booking. 


Are airport transfers and ground transportation included?

All ground transportation on itinerary, including arrival and departure airport transfers, are included once you arrive. Our transportation team will make sure you don’t have to worry about anything! Note – if you choose to arrive prior to the trip starting date or stay longer after it has ended, you will need to handle your own airport transfers.


What are the accommodations like?

We stay in wonderful, carefully selected properties. Depending on the destination, we may stay in a boutique hotel, local resort, communal home, or private villa. All accommodation details will be listed in the ‘Final Trip Details’ document, which is sent your way once you are closer to your departure date.


What type of rooms are available?

Rooms will depend on the accommodations per trip. If you are a solo traveler we will match you with another participant to share a double room. Couples or friends can request to room together. Depending on the trip we may be able to offer single rooms and we will note if there is a supplement or not. Bed sizes are also dependent on the unique accommodations being used for your trip. We will strive to have separate beds for paired solo travelers and friends sharing rooms, however we cannot guarantee that you will not have to share a bed. This also goes for couples, we cannot guarantee one bed for you to share. Our goal is to provide the most comfortable sleeping arrangements possible, so know that we have put care into selecting your accommodations.

Roommate matching: if you are paired with another solo traveler to share a room we will let you know who you are paired with during our final communications a few weeks prior to departure. We ask that all roommates act respectfully regarding noise, light usage at night, strong scents (i.e. cigarette smoke on clothing), snoring, etc. All matched roommates should come prepared with items such as ear plugs and eye masks.  


What about meals and special dietary needs?

This wouldn’t be a Chubby Diaries trip without amazing food, so it’s important to us that you enjoy the meals. Delicious and healthy meals are included (unless otherwise stated). You’ll be prompted to share any special dietary needs when you receive your registration confirmation email. 


What are the activities like?

Our trips are the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation. Activities can range from super easy to medium. You can refer to any specific trip for itinerary examples and remember that you can opt out of any activity. Please note that the trips are package prices and no refund will be provided for partially participating in or completely opting out of an activity.


What if I can't swim?

Our trips are typically hosted in destinations near water. However, non-swimmers have gone on our trips and have had a great time. If you can’t swim or don’t feel comfortable in the water simply let your us know when you receive your registration confirmation email and we’ll adjust accordingly. If something changes onsite and you’d prefer to join a water activity, or vice versa, let your Trip Host know as soon as possible. Don’t worry, we’ve got you! 


How much free time will I have?

Ultimately, it’s your trip. That’s why there’s a perfect mix of planned activities and free time. Some days are packed but there will always be free time to enjoy the destination at your pace. Your Trip Host and our local partners can help with suggestions for your free time. 


What are my payment options?

You must be paid in full for your trip by 30 days prior to departure. Please note that all payments are non-refundable. Upon registering you can pay via credit or debit card on PayPal. We have two easy payment options: 

  • Pay in Full – Upon registering you can pay for your entire trip and start packing. If you choose this option you will save $50. If you are booking inside of 30 days prior to departure, this is the only option.

  • Payment Plan – This option is available for trips outside of 30 days prior to departure. Upon registering you can pay just the deposit to hold your spot. The farther out you book for your trip, the more spread out your payments can be made. 


What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel your trip we offer the option of changing to another one of our departures within the next 18 calendar months. Everything you had paid towards your current trip will be transferred, except for the deposit amount. If the cost of the new trip is less expensive, you may receive a refund for the difference. If you were on a payment plan and the cost of the new trip is more expensive we will work with you to create a new payment schedule, if you paid in full for your original trip you may either pay the difference immediately or we can work out a payment plan for the difference. 


If you choose to change to another departure date we can provide a letter for you to submit to your travel insurance company to claim the non-refundable deposit. If you choose to cancel completely, we can provide a letter stating as such to claim the total amount of payments you made with your travel insurance company.


Can I join a trip late or leave early?

It’s possible to arrive late or leave early. However, you will be responsible for your airport transportation arrangements and there will be no difference in price. It’s no biggie but we will miss you! 


Do I need travel insurance? 

Yes! We’re all for having a good time but we take your safety seriously. We require that you purchase comprehensive travel insurance. We want to make sure you’re covered for any unlikely health issues that may arise during your trip. We will request that you send in proof of insurance about a month prior to your trip start date.

You can often find cheap comprehensive travel insurance on websites like AIG Travel Guard or your credit card (check first to see if you CC has travel insurance). Please ensure that your plan covers the following, at minimum:

  • $10,000 medical expenses

  • Trip Cancellation (make sure you read the terms on what are covered reasons as this can vary heavily between plans).

  • Trip Interruption 


Note – most travel insurance companies offer coverage for pre-existing medical conditions if you purchase within a certain time frame after making your original deposit. If you have pre-existing medical conditions, please make sure you research your options right away so that you are properly protected. 


What are your Terms & Conditions?

Please see this link to read our Terms and Conditions closely. When you register for a trip you are required to accept the terms & conditions, which are also linked on each trip registration page.     


What should I pack?

We will always recommend packing as light as possible. The suggested packing list can be found in the registration confirmation email. 


Is tipping necessary? 

Tipping can depend on the culture of where we are traveling to. We will provide information on whether it is appropriate or not in your final details information as you near departure. Your Trip Host and local guides always appreciate tips, but we will let you know if it is also culturally acceptable to tip at restaurants, for hotel cleaning staff, drivers, bag porters, etc. Being a blessing to others is always welcome! 


Can trips be purchased as gifts?

Absolutely. Contact us and we’ll send you a secure way to purchase a gift certificate. Gift certificates can be applied to any available group trips and do not expire. 


Can I book a private trip?

Yep! In addition to public group trips, we love hosting and designing private trips for friends, families, couples, and even solo travelers. Contact us for more.


Do you offer trips for companies or organizations?

Most definitely. We organize and even help facilitate fun leadership and team-building trips for organizations of all sizes. Contact us for more.

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