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We are authentically REDEFINING what it LOOKS like to travel!

ChubbyDiaries.com is an online community for plus size travelers who are passionate about seeing the world, experiencing new foods, and learning clever hacks along the way. 

For majority of my life I’ve been fat. I mean the weight gain took off when I was about 6 years old.

Looking back it could have been a multiple of things, watching my mother be abused, us being homeless, poor eating habits that my Family and community had. Lack of exercise (it was not until recent years have I seen majority of black folks exercise unless they were athletes).

The one thing that I never saw on TV was anyone that spoke to me where I was at! It was always think about you future self, get back to your old self, “What about my present self?”

I was asked when starting Chubby Diaries, “Why don’t you tell fat people to lose weight and you won’t have to have this platform?” My answer was simple and one that I live by today is “There are enough lose weight, be a better you” out there… NEW FLASH! I lost the weight and still was not satisfied with myself and I find that people who are “FIT” “SEXY” still have body issues of their own.

All that being said, I’m here for the people who look at their bodies with guilt and shame daily, the ones have been picked on through their school years, the ones that don’t think they will fit, or be comfortable traveling. The isolated ones that couldn’t get on that dang Harry Potter Ride Universal Studios Resorts in Orlando 

We fight for each other and I’m here to fight for you. Travel for all should be the new standard, not just a good idea… Idk who needs to hear this but you are loved and you are a beautiful and amazing person now, not back when you were skinnier, not your ideal weight self but NOW!

Just wanted to say I am actually heading to Bali and I feel excited, hopeful, confident, and AMAZING because of your posts and this group!


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