2 Days in London: A Plus Size Friendly Weekend Itinerary

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The British capital of London is one of the best places to visit in Europe. It has a colossal amount of history, spanning from Roman times to the present day. You could easily spend weeks in London alone, but if you’ve only got a weekend, we are here to help!

This two-day itinerary focuses on the best attractions in London’s city center. There’s plenty that we’ve missed, but you should be able to get a flavor for London life here!

How to Spend 2 Days in London (Plus Size Friendly Addition)

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Tips for Our Chubby Travelers

  • Unfortunately, British Airways, the national carrier of the UK, isn’t the most plus-size friendly airline – so bear this in mind if you are flying to London. You may prefer to book with the national carrier of the destination you are flying from.
  • The London Underground isn’t fun at many times, but especially not during rush hour (around 7-9:30 am and 4-6:30 pm). This London itinerary has attractions close to each other on each day, so you can either walk from attraction to attraction or use Uber. These can be expensive in London, but the journey time between each attraction is short. 
  • London is famous for being cold and rainy, but you may find yourself in a heatwave if you are visiting during the summer! The capital can be very hot and humid during this time, so bear this in mind when deciding whether to walk around or take Ubers. And, if you haven’t booked your trip yet, London often has nice weather at the end of March and in May.

Day 1

The Tower of London is a must-visit. This historic fortress has been the center of London history for centuries. It opens at 9 am every day, and you can buy tickets here.

Tower of London 2 Days in London A Plus Size Friendly Itinerary Chubby Diaries

Sitting on the highest point in the city with stunning architectural details and interesting features, St Paul’s Cathedral is one of the most important churches in the UK. It is a mile walk or 10-minute drive to the Cathedral from London.

Borough Market is a mile walk from St Paul’s Cathedral (just over the river) or a 10-minute taxi ride. It’s a great place to grab lunch, with lots of street food stalls selling food from all over the world.

Borough Market 2 Days in London A Plus Size Friendly Itinerary Chubby Diaries

The Shard is a famous skyscraper, just around the corner from Borough Market, that mimics the shape of a shard of glass. The rooftop garden offers the best view over London’s many buildings. You can buy tickets here.

The Shard 2 Days in London A Plus Size Friendly Itinerary Chubby Diaries

Drinks are pricey at the Shard, so I recommend visiting One New Change if you fancy a beverage after your first day exploring London! One New Change is a 1.5 mile walk from The Shard (around a 12 minute taxi ride). If you go up to Madison, you’ll be able to catch a fantastic view over St Paul’s Cathedral and the City of London.

Day 2

Brunch in SoHo

London is famous for its international food scene and a great opportunity to experience it is by starting the day with brunch! Soho has a few great options to try, including Honey & Co for Middle Eastern cuisine.

It is a 2 mile walk or 16 minute taxi ride to Buckingham Palace from Honey & Co and other Soho destinations. If you’re there at 11 am any day in June and July or Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Sunday from August to May, you’ll be able to see the guard change – an impressive procession of the Queen’s guards. Of course, the exterior is worth visiting any other time too!

Buckingham Palace 2 Days in London A Plus Size Friendly Itinerary Chubby Diaries

Westminster Abbey is a 0.7 mile walk or 7 minute taxi drive from Buckingham Palace. This is the other main cathedral of the UK – and it’s worth visiting as well as St Paul’s, as the two are very different.

A 0.2 mile walk from the Westminster Abbey, the view of Big Ben is worth the crossing over the bridge to see. Don’t forget to take a peek at the Houses of Parliament as well while you’re there. 

Big Ben 2 Days in London Plus Size Friendly Itinerary Chubby Diaries

If you want to get another view of London, try the London Eye! This Ferris wheel is a fantastic way to see the city. Try to visit after 3 pm to avoid the larger crowds. The London Eye is 0.5 miles from Big Ben, or a 5 minute taxi drive.

Finish off your short visit to London in Covent Garden. There are lots of restaurants and bars here, so you can pick whatever treat takes your fancy! It will be the perfect last stop for your 2 days in London. 

Covent Garden 2 Days in London A Plus Size Friendly Itinerary Chubby Diaries

And that’s a wrap on your 2 days in London! This dynamic city has so much to offer travelers, and there are tons left to uncover that’ll probably bring you back again before you know it! 

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