Cheap Flights? Here Are Our Top 5 Flight Search Engines Ranked!

Jeff Jenkins
Jeff Jenkins

People always think because I travel so much that I must have won the lotto! Well the truth is…

I did! Naw I’m just kidding… hahaha

We could talk about how I’ve used my credit card points to fly roundtrip to Bali for less than a 100 bucks. Or, how my partnerships/sponsorships have paid for my travel buuuuuuutttttttt that’s for another time!

I thought it would be awesome to share with you all my go to flight search engines and I decided to rank them from sometime use to the one that gets you the cheapest fares around!

By the end this, you will be able to book cheap fares and possibly realize that your dream vacation maybe closer than you think!

#5- Kiwi

Kiwi is all about combining flights to make your itinerary. Meaning when you search it will take all the airlines and combine them, so that it shows you that you can start with Delta one way and then catch United on the way back. It’s great but it does have those moments of “Why did I use Kiwi?”


Momondo is another great search engine, it has more of a general search than the other search engines and sometimes you can find cheaper fares than Skyscanner

#3-Scott’s Cheap Flights

Scott’s cheap flight is my favorite but it’s not the best flight search engine.

How to use Scott’s Cheap Flights

It’s simple; there are two versions: the free and the paid subscription. The free version gives you limited deals within your regional area airport that you choose. The paid version send you emails daily on deals from all over!

The key is to be ready when the deals hit, if you have a flexible schedule then this would be great for you!

I’ve found roundtrip tickets to Kenya from NYC for $245 normally $1,200.

#2-Google Flights

So I personally use google flights more than any other search engine. Minus Southwest Airlines, they show you all the other major airlines. It gives a calendar of all the cheap fares within your search and then you book on the airlines site via google flights!


Skyscanner is my number one choice! Majority of the time Skyscanner has some of the cheapest fares around. They are great, it allows users to search flex dates and may suggest the cheapest month to fly.

Skyscanner also categorizes flights by “best,” “cheapest,” and “fastest,” and without fail, always offers the cheapest price!

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