Chubby Diaries… What Plus Size Travelers Need to Know before going to Disney World

Jeff Jenkins
Jeff Jenkins

I’m Headed To Disney!

Hey guys I’m headed to Disney World! Have you ever been to the happiest place on Earth? If you didn’t know, I am from the beautiful city of Orlando, FL and I am a Disney baby; as in, I’ve spent almost my entire life going to Disney World. My father has been a chef for Disney for over 28 years – so I’ve gone to Disney every year since the age of 4! I’ve seen every season, been on almost every ride, and I have seen new rides come and old rides go.

So, is Disney World plus size friendly? I’ve gotten this question multiple times and the answer is… Yes! Disney World is one of the most “Pooh size-Friendly” theme parks to date!

So if you’re a plus size traveler, looking to enjoy the magic Disney World offers, here’s what you need to know…

1. Pooh-size Friendly

Like I mentioned before, Disney World is one of the most plus size friendly (aka “Pooh-size”) theme parks in the world! They are very accommodating to all sizes and it is not difficult to fit on most rides!

2. Brush up on the Ride Cars and attraction seating

There are multiple seat/ride car options for different attractions, so I recommend you do your research before you plan out your trip. There are different seat options, such as:

  • Lap bar seats
  • Seats with seat belts
  • Bench Seats
  • Single Seats

Looking up the attractions and their seats ahead of time can help you best manage the time you and your family/friends spend in the parks.

3. You are going to walk a lot!

Last time I checked, Disney World spans about 47 square miles! That is larger than a lot of cities in the United States. With that being said there is a lot of walking that goes on when you are on vacation at Disney! So make sure you wear the right shoes and clothes.

4. Stay hydrated

With all the walking and all the standing in lines, make sure that you pack a water bottle or purchase lots of fluid with electrolytes! I can’t even count how many times I’ve seen guests (not just plus size folks) receive first aid care from Disney World staff because of heat exhaustion!

5. Invest in the Fastpass

Some of the wait times for attractions can be up to 2 to 3 hours long during the busy season. I recommend that you and your family invest in the Fastpasses, so that you can maximize your time and overall experience. You will be able to plan out when you want to go to each ride and figure out which lines you definitely want to skip to the front of!

6. Pack Snacks

Man oh man. As most of you know Disney will kindly take all of your money and not feel bad about it. Some of the snacks you can find at the store for less than $2 will cost you $6-$10 at Disney World. Unless you’ve got it to spend, I would recommend you pack some extra snacks. I like to snack, so this is a must for me. lol

7. Pack Light

This might be an unpopular opinion, but sometimes we try to fit our entire wardrobe into multiple suitcases and those suitcases can add up. Starting at $25 one-way on most airlines. So, the less you can bring the better. Try army rolling your items to free up space! Use that extra money elsewhere.

8. Bring your own poncho

That one size fits all thing is not accurate. All ponchos are not created equal, so I would totally recommend you stop by your local Walmart or Amazon and pick up a plus size poncho. P.S. it is better to wear a poncho than to take a umbrella into Disney.

9. Fall is your friend!

I will go ahead and say… “I don’t like the heat.” With that said the best time to go to Disney is during the months of late September to early November! You can get temps as low as 65 degrees and lovely highs of lower 80s. Heat equals sweat and you don’t want to be a sweaty mess. Also those months are the low season. With fewer park guests, you won’t have to stand in lines as long- that means more space and more rides!

This is the first post for my Disney blog series! For more check me out on Instagram and Facebook!

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