My Bike Trip Down the California Coast

Celia Herdic
Celia Herdic
I'm an avid biker and camper who loves to explore new places. I'm looking forward to sharing my adventures with you!

After being locked in our houses during COVID, my friend and I decided to plan a trip, a trip down the California coast, Palo Alto to Santa Barbara, just over 400 miles. As we both liked to bike it was an obvious choice to make it a bike trip. After packing up and figuring out the logistical craziness, we set on our journey.

My Biking Adventure Down the California Coast

I understood that this was only the beginning

Our average mileage was around 40 miles a day. Every sunrise brought a new experience. From meeting bikepackers and locals to seeing dolphins, zebras, and seals, we felt like we saw it all.

On the second day, we approached the most beautiful beach named Gazos State Beach. It was the first time our exhausted bodies had approached the Pacific Coast Highway. We locked up our bikes and finally approached the water.

I took off my shoes and let the sand seep between my toes. The waves were crashing hard. I looked in the distance and saw seals jumping in and out of the water, a lighthouse on a rocky coast in the background. That day, I understood that this was only the beginning of our adventure.

Chasing Seagulls and Crystal Blue Water

Incredible views passed us by as we approached Monterey. We ended up developing a habit of chasing seagulls with our bikes (very fun!). We met some incredible adventurers and locals along the way who always had something fun to say or a recommendation to give. I never ceased to be amazed by the scenery.

Every day along Big Sur, we would see beautiful crystal blue water crashing against colossal rocks. The greens of the grass and the blues of the water popped against the landscape.

A part of nature rather than apart from it

Moving through the world on a bike is different. I was immersed in the environment around me in such an intimate way, a way I could never experience within the barriers of a car. I felt like a part of nature rather than apart from it. All the tired and confusing parts all made sense in the end and I am eternally grateful for this experience.

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