‘Pull Up for Travel’ campaign asks brands to reveal Black representation

Eric L. Martin | Chubby Diaries

Following the success of #BlackOutTuesday and the “Pull up or Shut up” challengecalling for beauty brands to release their percentage of Black executives and employees, the Black Travel Alliance has released its own campaign to do the same.

The newly formed group of Black Travel Content Creators is calling for destination management organizations and travel brands to take #BlackOutTuesday support beyond social media and work toward meaningful representation of Black voices in the travel industry.

In a press release, the Black Travel Alliance states that Black Americans alone spend $63 billion on travel each year, yet, there is little to no Black representation in the management and staff of larger travel companies. 

The Black Travel Alliance is launching the Black Travel Scorecard five key metrics, to evaluate brands and organizations, on not just what they say “but what they do.”

The five major areas are:

  • Employment – Current number and percentage of Black people in management and on staff 
  • Conferences & Tradeshows –  Black representation (number and percentage) on speaker panels, workshops, sessions, etc. in 2019
  • Paid Advertising/Marketing Campaigns – Black representation (number and percentage) in TV, radio, print and digital channels including social media in 2019
  • Press – Black representation (number and percentage) on media/press trips in 2019
  • Philanthropy – Charitable contributions and support (i.e. mentorship and intern programs, etc.) to Black charities and community groups

The Black Travel Alliance is calling on destination management organizations and travel brands to communicate their metrics publicly in these five key areas by Friday, June 19th, with hashtag #PullUpForTravel on social media.

“Black Travel Alliance was heartened to see that many destinations and travel brands showed support during #BlackOutTuesday. However, dismantling systemic racism requires more than social media activism,” says Jeff Jenkins of Chubby Diaries and founding member of the alliance. “Destination management organizations and travel brands need to truly become more inclusive in their hiring practices and marketing campaigns.”

The Black Travel Alliance was launched in the wake of social unrest from George Floyd’s publicized murder and pronouncements of “Black Lives Matter” support by travel brands and companies, said the Alliance in their press release. Visit the Black Travel Alliance for more information.

Eric L. Martin Chubby Diaries Travel Analyst. He writes on the latest Travel News and much more.

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