Representation Matters: Inaugural Chubby Diaries Travel Awards

Chubby Diaries Team
Chubby Diaries Team
Representation Matters Inaugural Chubby Diaries Travel Awards

Representation Matters: Inaugural Chubby Diaries Travel Awards

Chubby Diaries is happy to announce that we are presenting the first ever Inaugural Chubby Diaries Travel Awards, the first and only plus-size travel awards in the travel industry. Chubby Diaries Travel Awards, presented by Chubby Diaries, is the leading Plus-size travel awards honoring excellence in travel and the plus-size community.

Jeff Jenkins, CEO of Chubby Diaries Travel Awards. “These awards are paving the way in our efforts to REDEFINE what it looks like to travel.”

Our Panel, which nominates the Chubby Diaries Travel awardees, is comprised of Internet industry experts including Bruce Sturgell, Dean and Julie Couchey, Sylvia Torres, Leila Farquharson, Jae’lynn Chaney, Kidra Fuller, Kara Richardson Whitely & Tonia Hope.


Best Size Inclusive Outdoor Apparel

Best Size Inclusive Athleisure Wear

Stand Out Brand for Inclusivity

Best Airline Seats

Most Affordable Airline

Most Size Inclusive Airline

Best Marketing

Overall Most Inclusive Hotel

Plus Size Travel Creator of the Year

This award goes to the most outstanding plus size travel content creator of the year. They motivate, inspire, and encourage us to travel. 

The Inaugural Chubby Diaries Travel Awards Sylvia Torres

Creator of Change

This creator is making real change in the travel community for plus size travelers.

Representation Matters Inaugural Chubby Diaries Travel Awards Tasheon Chillous

Meet the Panel

The Inaugural Chubby Diaries Travel Awards Jeff Jenkins

Jeff Jenkins is an award-winning content creator, travel journalist, consultant, and entrepreneur. Founder of Chubby Diaries and co-founder of Black Travel Alliance, Jeff was recently named one of Travel + Leisure’s 50 Notable People in Travel and has been featured by Forbes, The New York Times, Washington Post, Travel Noire, Essence, and Lonely Planet. Jeff’s mission is to empower people of all sizes to travel the world through his engaging social content and the Chubby Diaries community.

The Inaugural Chubby Diaries Travel Awards Bruce Sturgell

After growing tired of a lack of choices and representation, Bruce Sturgell created Chubstr to chronicle men’s plus-size looks and where to shop them. Over the time of his career, Bruce has become a voice for others who don’t often see people who look like them online or in media. Today, Chubstr continues to shine a light on brands that create stylish, accessible clothing for bigger bodies with masculine tastes.

The Inaugural Chubby Diaries Travel Awards Dean and Julie Couchey

Julie and Dean Couchey, better known as the Two Fat Americans, are leading travel bloggers, fearless foodies, and have visited over 40 countries. Dean has a passion for cuisine and Julie has a love for photography. Together they work together to show that anybody can travel the world!

The Inaugural Chubby Diaries Travel Awards Sylvia Torres

Sylvia Torres is a content creator who is redefining the American Dream and what it means to be a digital nomad. She shows people that you don’t have to have physical roots in a place to be successful or happy. With over 150k followers and counting, Sylvia is taking TikTok by storm with videos capturing her van life. 

The Inaugural Chubby Diaries Travel Awards Leila Farquharson

When Leila Farquharson isn’t working as an IT Operations Service Manager, she’s traveling the world and sharing her adventures online. Leila is always on the lookout for incredible foods, seeking new adventures, and encouraging other curvy travelers. 

The Inaugural Chubby Diaries Travel Awards Jae'lynn Chaney

Jae’lynn Chaney is a body positivity activist, disability advocate, and travel blogger. She’s passionate about sharing plus size-travel tips and messages of self-love. Jae has created an online community of plus size baddies and is spreading the fat liberation movement one post at a time. 

The Inaugural Chubby Diaries Travel Awards Kidra Fuller

Kidra Fuller is a long-time travel lover, active member of the Chubby Diaries community, and skilled travel agent. She loves taking tours and motivating others to finally take the leap and book that trip they’ve always wanted to. 

Kara Richardson Whitely is a plus size adventurer, speaker, consultant, and advisor that helps businesses better serve people of size. She shares her experiences surrounding being fat in America, hiking Mount Kilimanjaro three times, and everything in between through her novels, The Weight of Being and Gorge: My Journey Up Kilimanjaro at 300 Pounds, and other writings.

Tonia Hope is a social justice activist and content creator who shares creative and inclusive travel tips and itineraries online. She helps travelers discover affordable, unique adventures all over the world. 

Stay tuned for our award categories, nominees, and winners! You can keep up with all things the Inaugural Chubby Diaries Travel Awards on Instagram, Facebook, and on

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