Royal Caribbean CEO, “there will not be a buffet…”

Alvin Brown
Alvin Brown

Eric L Martin | Chubby Diaries

Like many in the travel industry businesses will abide by the CDC recommendations for the safety of guest. This will be the case with Royal Caribbean executives taking action.

In an article from Cruise Critic, Royal Caribbean’s vice president of sales Vicki Freed and CEO Michael Bayley made it known that due to COVID-19, major changes to protect the health of cruise passengers would be implemented. The biggest change: No more buffets.

“I think in the beginning, there will not be a buffet…that’s how I see it,” said Bayley during the session. ” We will utilize the space, we will utilize the Windjammer, but in all probability, it won’t be a classical buffet. It will be something more akin to a restaurant.”

Other changes had already been implemented before. Installing hand sanitizing stations on every vessel, as well as hand-washing stations near every entrance. These were installed in March before the “No Sail Order” in April.

Many cruise ships, due to the CDC’s “No Sail Order”, will not be able to take sail until after the end of June.

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