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10 Things need to know before you visit Cape Town

10 Things need to know before you visit Cape Town

Late 2017 my good friend and I decided after watching a Youtube video by PassportHeavy that we would take our wives to Cape Town, South Africa!

Fast forward to October 2018 we made that decision come to life! Cape Town has it all, from the breath taking views, amazing weather and native animals to its unique culture that sets it apart from the rest of the continent.

Cape Town is incredible, vibrant, and the energy here is ecstatic! I’m so glad that it was on my bucket list of places to visit! With all that said, lets get to the 10 things you need to know before you visit Cape Town!

1. There are Chubby People here!

Seriously I’ve never felt more comfortable in another country as I have here in South Africa! Cape Town was full of curves, bellies, and chubbiness! Which makes it easier to not feel like you are standing out. There were more accommodations and not once did I feel like I could not do anything because of the accessibility for plus size people!

2. Your money goes far in Cape Town!

I’m not saying I’m a gold digger, but you ain’t messing with no “fill in the blank” lol. Y’all I felt like I was a prince from a small wealthy city called Austin. The conversion rate at the time was about 15.5 rands to our 1 USD. If you haven’t done much currency conversions that is really good for a country where you can get a steak meal for 110 rands (that’s less than $8 USD). You never have to pay more than $5 USD for a signature cocktail drink. It also doesn’t hurt that souvenirs and Uber are incredibly inexpensive.

3. People in Cape Town are super welcoming and friendly!

Before I walked out of the airport, I knew that Cape Town was going to be a place full of amazing people! As soon as I got off of the airplane, I received friendly greetings and that feeling continued throughout my trip.

The restaurants and shops all had amazing service and you don’t have to feel threatened or uncomfortable with locals. If you are in need of directions, stop someone on the side of the road. They would more than happy to assist you!

4. You can drink the water in Cape Town!

Most of you know that one of the biggest no no’s when traveling to new countries is drinking water from the tap. That’s not the case here in Cape Town the water has been graded as some of the best water in the world! So make sure you drink plenty of water and continue to stay hydrated.

5. Water conservation is still a big concern!

You may have heard of “Day Zero” and how Cape Town avoided it for now. That does not mean that there still isn’t a big concern. So don’t be alarmed when you find the water stoppers missing from your tubs. Everyone is asked to do their part, so they don’t encourage folks to take bath. While the hot water was fantastic, we were kindly asked to not take very long showers. So when you visit, be mindful of your water consumption in regards to baths and showers.

6. Stay away from the local taxi!

In an age of Ubers and Lyfts the way we ride share has changed and that is no different in Cape Town. The best way to get around is in an Uber. Why? A couple of reasons, there is a set price when you order your Uber to a location. My friends met us at a restaurant in the city square and they paid $15 with a local taxi when we paid only $3 with Uber. Also, our tour guide mentioned that taxi drivers are more likely to get into or causing accidents.

7. Cape Town has penguins! Penguins in Africa??

Yup the South African Jackass penguins have found their home in Cape Town. Most of them live on Boulder Beach and I totally recommend you go and visit the little fellas!

8. Walking shoes are a must!

I have mentioned in previous blogs that as a plus size person, it is important to have comfortable walking shoes. You are going to do a lot of walking in Cape Town.

Whether you are visiting the waterfront shops and restaurants or walking to all the historical sights, you will need to make sure that your shoes can protect you from blisters and sores.

9. Being called “Coloured” is a thing!

No, this isn’t the 1950’s in America, and it is not offensive if someone refers to you or someone else as coloured. Less than 25 years ago the apartheid system in South Africa segregated people by their race. When the Apartheid ended people still where classified not by their race, but essentially by their skin color and people here seem to be ok with it. Read up on Apartheid and modern day attitudes about it, so you don’t end up in a South Africa jail.

10. You have to go to the Top of Table Mountain!

Ummmm the top of Table Mountain pretty much has the best view of Cape Town! The views are worth it! You can see the deep blue ocean, the neighboring mountains “Lion Head” and “Signal Hill”, and the different city townships. These views will take your breath away and I promise you will enjoy every minute of it!

More blogs and videos from my trip to South Africa are coming soon. Stay Tuned! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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