15 Plus Size Travel Bloggers You Should Know About

Genaveve Davis
Genaveve Davis
Art history nerd, foodie, and bookworm who caught the travel bug. Can't wait to share my adventures with you!

The travel sphere is made up of a widely diverse group of nomads, adventurers, backpackers, frequent fliers, and every other kind of traveler you can imagine. Despite this diversity, not all types and sizes of travelers are represented equally. These 15 Plus Size Travel Bloggers are redefining travel norms and stirring your inner wanderlust. 

Plus Travel Bloggers You Should Know About

1. Chantel Loura (@voyagingvagabond)

Chantel is a queer digital storyteller who spreads positivity wherever she goes. She always knows just what to say when we need a subtle reminder to love ourselves. You can visit her travel tips here

Kristina is a bright and bubbly plus size travel blogger based in Florida. Her blog is one of our favorite go-to resources for all things travel and lifestyle. Check out her blog here!

Looking for a mix of adventure travel and music? BJ is the travel blogger for you! Check out his Instagram account to see the cellist and scuba diver in action.

Samantha is not only a travel blogger, but a photographer, singer, actress, and digital strategist. Her aesthetically pleasing content is full of valuable advice and itineraries that could add some spice to your next trip. Visit her blog by clicking here.

Tabitha is a Lënape travel writer, photographer, and the ultimate road trip enthusiast. Some of my most valuable travel advice has come from her. If you’re looking for magical photos that will make you want to travel through the wilderness ASAP, her Instagram is the perfect place to look. 

Looking for some Instagrammable poses for your next travel photoshoot? Zach Miko is your man! Check out his Instagram for some photo inspiration and body positivity. 

Austin-based luxury travel blogger and photographer, Haley Plotkin, knows exactly what to post to make you want to get out there and travel the world. Her blog is full of tips, tricks, and itineraries that will make planning your next adventure almost as easy as reading through this article. 

Léila is constantly going on adventures and inspiring both black and plus-size travelers to see the world. Her posts exude the energy, confidence, and adventure that we’re all striving to have. 

Diedre is a polyglot and plus size travel blogger who inspires and motivates women to travel solo. Her bubbly nature and colorful posts will give you the boost you need to get out there and live life to the fullest. 

Stephanie is an award-winning content creator, public speaker, and traveler who shares messages about body positivity wherever she goes. Her blog and book, Fattily Ever After: A Fat Black Girl’s Guide to Living Life Unapologetically, are must-reads!

On the lookout for fashion advice, travel content, and networking for young professionals? You should definitely pay Destin’s account a visit!

Callie is a foodie, plus size travel blogger, and self love advocate. She also is the co-Founder of the Confidence Corner, a safe space for plus size women to connect and share experiences. You won’t want to miss her content!

Lauren Talulah is not only Callie’s colleague and the co-Founder of the Confidence Corner. She is also a leading plus size travel blogger and fashionista who empowers her followers to love their bodies. Her Instagram is a must-see!

Looking to take the ultimate vacay on a budget? Bekyy is your gal! Her blog is full of itineraries for dreamy adventures that won’t break the bank. 

I’ve saved the best for last for our list of Plus Size Travel Bloggers You Should Know About! Jeff is a leading plus size travel blogger and creator of color, as well as the founder of Chubby Diaries. Chubby Diaries is both a community that provides travelers of all sizes resources, travel inspiration, and advice and a movement that motivates those in our community to live life now. Join the Chubby Diaries community and get ready to take on your next adventure!

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