4 Plus Size Friendly Tips for the Ultimate Road Trip

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Going on a road trip is a rite of passage to many. You can challenge yourself by doing things like using folding maps instead of your phone to get from place to place or you and your friends can just pick a highway and see where it takes you. It can be as structured or as carefree as you and your crew want it to be. 

For someone who may have had travel difficulties in the past due to their size, a road trip can seem impossible, and the thought can cause anxiety. Those feelings are valid, but there’s a secret to road trips that will change your mindset on them—they can be as comfy as you want them, as mobile as you make them, and can take you as far as you want to push yourself. A road trip can be enjoyed solo or with a group and it is not a vacation that discriminates against any sized person. 

So, check out our top tips for the ultimate road trip, grab a map, some candy, and start planning a great few days on the road!

4 Chubby Diaries' Tips for the Ultimate Road Trip

Retro Trailer on Paved Parking - Plus Size Friendly Tips for the Ultimate Road Trip

1. How to Pack the Car

One of the most important tips for the ultimate road trip is to avoid overpacking the car. Not only will it make it more cramped and potentially block windows, but you don’t want to unpack too much in the evenings when you stop at a hotel or to camp.

If it’s just two of you in the car, keep a little cooler in the pack close by so you don’t have to reach around too much to refill on drinks. If you don’t want to aimlessly snack the whole time (it can be hard not to during the flat parts of the road trip), don’t pack a full snack bag but instead wait for the times when you’re filling up on gas to also refuel yourself.

It can also make the car cozier when you’re a passenger if you pack a small blanket. You can use it to cover your legs if the air conditioning gets too strong but your friend doesn’t want to turn it down or to make your afternoon nap against the window a little less uncomfortable.

Ultimately, you want to make sure you have everything that you need and nothing that you don’t when you pack your car for a road trip. If this is your first road trip, chances are you’ll pack a few more things than you need. As long as you can recline and push back your seat so you’re comfortable, you’re already setting yourself up for a successful road trip.

2. What to Wear in the Car

One of the best parts about road tripping is getting to go on an adventure in your comfiest clothes. No need to wear a dress or tight pants when you’ll be sitting most of the day. This means there is no reason to force yourself to wear jeans for a long period of time.

Road trips are meant to be comfortable and fun, and you can express that through your clothing. You’re also most likely taking this adventure with a trusted friend or partner, so there should be no reason to try and impress them while you’re both driving three hours to your next stop. A uniform of stretchy leggings and a big t-shirt is one of the best outfits you pick when going on long drives to fun destinations.

Cadillac Ranch, USA Tips for the Ultimate Road Trip

3. Taking Breaks and Roadside Attractions

You may have laughed about it in the past, but you can admit it now—you’re really excited to drive up to the largest ball of yarn on the side of the road, stop at the roadside hotel that is built to look like a dog, and take a picture at Cadillac Ranch on the Route 66. These are great opportunities to not get some great fun and cute pictures in with your travel buddy, but also stretch out your legs and walk around for a minute. You know your body best when it comes to taking these breaks and walking around for a minute or two. The great thing about road trips is that these breaks can be fun, scenic, or both!

You will also inevitably take breaks at rest stops or gas stations. You will even find that there are some parts of the United States where the rest stops are truly a destination—seriously, ask any Texan about Buc-cees. This can be a good time to buy a small snack so you can hold yourself over until you decide to stop for dinner in the evening or to restock the cooler with waters to keep whoever is driving perky and safe. Take advantage of these breaks for both your legs and your body.

Camping Under Night Sky - Tips for the Ultimate Road Trip

4. Nighttime Routine

After you’ve unpacked the car into your hotel room of all the expensive items from the car, it’s time to stretch your legs one last time for the day and get ready to sleep well. Using a nighttime routine during a trip can help you stick to a healthy schedule with numerous benefits, like making getting into your bedtime mindset easier, which often leads to you being well-rested and ready for travel the next day.

If this road trip is also a camping trip, make sure you set up camp before it gets too dark! Sleeping in the back of the car is probably not what you’d want to do—sleeping on the ground with a sleeping pad and bag is definitely more comfortable.

Regardless of how you plan on sleeping at night, going to bed and getting a good amount of rest is imperative so you’re a safe driver on the road the next day. 

Road tripping is not only a great time but a great way to see so much of your country. You will drive through towns that history has forgotten and see parts of the world that many never get the privilege to. Take advantage of our tips for the ultimate road trip and go on a trip like this with your friends. Don’t stress about the small stuff while you’re out there seeing the world!

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