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Jeff Jenkins
Jeff Jenkins

Heading to Disney? Walt Disney World is amazing and there is nothing like being prepared for a trip of a life time with friends or family! You can check out my last blog on “What Plus Size Travelers Need to Know Before Going to Disney World”.

I’ve been to Disney World over a hundred times (not making that up lol). When I lived in Orlando I could just drive 20 mins down Interstate 4 to Disney World. But, now that I live in Austin, I have to make a vacation out of it.

So, here are 7 things I would recommend you pack as a plus size person for your amazing trip!

1. Plus Size Disney Apparel

Wanna look good in those family pictures? You can’t go anywhere without fitting the part! Disney has a robust variety of apparel online. So, it is not hard to find Disney graphic t-shirts, hats, joggers, shoes, and so much more! The great thing is that there are so many online stores — including Amazon, that have plus size clothing! Check out Amazon here!

2. Size-Friendly Ponchos

Did you know that during the summer months in Central Florida it rains almost everyday? Have you ever been stuck in the rain? Have you ever bought a dollar store poncho and it broke because it was a size toooooo small? I recommend you find a size-friendly poncho because one size does not fit all lol! Check out Amazon here!

3. Mini Handheld Fan

Want something that is a game changer and a life saver? This little baby will become your best friend at Disney World! If you didn’t know– Florida is hot; you will get hot standing in line, walking through the park, or just sitting on a bench. The sun is not our friend. So, when at Disney, combat the heat with a mini handheld fan Check out Amazon here!

4. Ruby’s Lube

Like I mentioned in my previous blog, chafing is a big problem for plus size people when they walk for long periods of time. Taking the right measures and purchasing this gem will make chafing or even blistering a thing of the past. It is totally worth it! Check out Amazon here!

5. Filtered Water Bottle

Did you know that Disney charges an arm and a leg for their drinks? Some starting at $4-$12. Staying hydrated at a theme park can be one of the most important things you can do. I always recommend bringing a refillable water bottle to any theme park. Also, there is nothing like cleaning some of those impurities from the water fountains when filling up! Check out Amazon here!

6. Comfortable Walking Shoes

Have you ever had blisters? Did you know that having the right shoes can prevent foot problems? Did you know that having the right shoes can also keep your feet and legs from getting fatigue quickly? It was not until I got older that I realized that shoes can be one of the greatest tools for my life. I had been a guy who loved fancy-stylish shoes, but I found out that those shoes are not a good choice when you are walking up to 10 miles a day at Disney World. I recommend you buy some amazing walking shoes! Check out Amazon here!

7. Deodorant Spray and Wipes

This is why I love my wife because she is the one who brought this into my life. Look, you are going to get hot even in the winter at Disney; so, you need something that can keep you from feeling sticky or keep you from stinking. These wipes and spray will keep you from this problem so that you can enjoy the rest of your trip! Check out Amazon here!

Stay Tuned! More on my trip to Disney world will be coming soon!

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