Plus Size Friendly Tips for Visiting the Amalfi Coast

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Plus Size Friendly Tips for Visiting the Amalfi Coast Chubby Diaries

The Amalfi coast. Just saying it conjures up insta-worthy images of bright blue seas, sunny skies, and exquisite beaches. The environment paints an ever-changing backdrop for spectators in the delightful hotels and homes perched on the cliffs above.

There’s a reason the Amalfi Coast is on many of our travel bucket lists. It is the very embodiment of “la dolce vita.”

Tourists often come to the Amalfi Coast in Italy for a glimpse of the beauty that this region has to offer. The rich history, stunning architecture, and breathtaking scenery are admired by many visitors, as are the rising cliffs and hilly climbs.

These cliffs and climbs are daunting to some travelers, along with some of the other notable characteristics of the Amalfi Coast. However, the Amalfi Coast can be a dreamy and lovely experience for all with a bit of travel advice. 

Here are our favorite plus-size friendly travel tips for visiting the Amalfi Coast.

Our Favorite Plus Size Friendly Tips for Visiting the Amalfi Coast

Plus Size Friendly Tips for Visiting the Amalfi Coast Chubby Diaries

Hire a Driver

Driving in Italy is not a feat to be undertaken for the faint of heart. Between the incredibly skinny roads and rising hills, Italy hasn’t garnered a reputation for having chaotic roads for nothing.

On top of the potential danger behind the wheel, there is no parking in peak season.


This often means quite a bit more walking, stairs, and hills. If you’re looking for a less stressful getaway with fewer steps and have the budget, getting a private driver may be a wise choice for your trip. 

Consider Choosing Ravello

If you’re spending a short time on the Amalfi Coast, I recommend flying into Naples and hiring a driver to take you to the wonderful (and relatively flat) town of Ravello. Don’t let its lack of hills discourage you. Rising high above the sea, Ravello has some of the most spectacular views of the coastline.

At night, enjoy some of the authentic restaurants in the area that have been passed down through generations, like Cumpa Cosimo and Da Salvatore. Family-owned trattorias serving traditional cuisines, such as these two, are an increasing rarity along the Amalfi Coast and should be explored and enjoyed as a delicious priority. The views of the twinkling lights of other nearby towns will sparkle below you as you sit in the open air.

Plus Size Friendly Tips for Visiting the Southern Italy Chubby Diaries

Enjoy a Few Day Trips

From your home base of Ravello, you can easily enjoy the breathtaking surrounding sights. Plus, there are numerous towns that are a short drive or bus ride away.

20 minutes down the hill is the namesake of the coastline, Amalfi Town. Amalfi Town is one of the more lively spots along the coast. It has a little something for everyone, without the sky-high price tags and hill-climbs of Positano. From here you can revel in the beaches, restaurants, UNESCO world heritage sights, and take a leisurely boat ride.

During the peak season of summer, ferries leave from Amalfi Town regularly. The ferry stops at popular nearby spots like the little seaside town of Capri or the island of Ischia, known for their thermal baths. 

Plus Size Friendly Tips for Visiting Southern Italy Chubby Diaries

Now you’re ready to take on the ultimate adventure in Southern Italy! We hope you enjoyed our favorite tips for visiting the Amalfi Coast. We can’t wait for you to report back on your Amalfi experience in the comments below!

Don’t forget to check out our blog for other plus size friendly travel tips and tricks!

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