Posing Tips and Tricks from Top Travel Bloggers

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Do you have a big trip coming up and know you’ll want to take a ton of photos? Do you want to be prepared for the next fun random photoshoot you and your partner or friends have together? Look no further! We’ve collected some of the world’s top travel bloggers’ best-kept secrets for taking the perfect photos. Use our posing tips to collect some new memories and take your Instagram to the next level.

Posing Tips and Tricks from Top Travel Bloggers

1. Don't Stop Taking Photos

Make sure whoever is taking photos of you is literally snapping away so you can catch every little moment of an Insta-worthy moment. The more photos taken, the more options you have available.

-Samantha O’Brochta (@callmeadventurous)

2. Triangles are your friend

Try to stick to triangles in the photo. Whether that’s with your legs, arms, how you’re moving your body, or using a prop. It’s not about using angles to look how you don’t – use angles to create an interesting photo and tell a story!

-Tabitha Bear (@tabithabearprints)

3. Practice makes perfect

Posing for photos is so awkward, it can be difficult not to feel too forced and find new poses so it’s not the same position in each photo. Practice things you like, not what you think looks good for other people.

-Kristina Carrodeguas (@livingwonderfilled)

“As a Big and Tall model I constantly practice in the mirror to find my good angles prior to taking photos.”

-Cameron Boyland (@only_on_cameron)

4. Face Your Light

“Always face the light, unless it’s a silhouette picture. The more exaggerated it feels, the better it will look on camera. “

-Leah Arao (@lainflight)

5. Give Us Some Movement

“Shake it out after every couple of poses because it is easy to become stagnant or to repeat the same movement.”

-Cameron Boyland (@only_on_cameron)

 “I ensure that my pics have the desired preset I want which gives my pics an extra boost of color. The presets I use is from Adobe Lightroom. The other is tagging the valid pages that can help me expand my community.”

-Léila Latoya (@darkbeautyl)

7. Radiate Joy

One of the most underrated poses is to radiate joy in your photo. The easiest way to do this is to laugh out loud just before you take your photo. Your smile will automatically look more natural and relaxed. And show me the person who doesn’t look great when they’re happy in a photo… I’ll wait.

-Diedre McLeod (@diedreinwanderland)

“When posing for photos, a little laugh goes a long way! It always make me look most natural, and most authentic.”

-Sondra Holtz (@curvesandacarryon)

8. Don't Face the Camera Head On

“When posing, don’t have your body squared up with the camera. Be at an angle.”

-Jeff Jenkins (@chubbydiaries__)

9. Embrace Who You Are

Stop trying to hide your body! Too long I would contort myself into these awkward angles, suck my stomach in or hunch my shoulders over. All for the sake of hiding my rolls, making my arm look skinnier or just trying to look thinner. ESPECIALLY at the beach. But give your body a little compassion, it’s gotten you this far in life already hasn’t it? Honor that by letting it be just the way it is. Capture the rolls, capture the cellulite, capture the stretch marks and every other piece of you that you’ve deemed an imperfection for too long. Seeing your body just the way it is, captured in such a beautiful way, can really go a long way towards learning to love yourself a little deeper. Those parts of you are perfect and we need more bodies like yours being seen.

-Chantel Loura (@voyaging_vagabond)

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